We wish a Happy and prosperous New Year to all of our readers. This year is going to be a busy year for your technology area. Many businesses have put off upgrading because of the down turn in the economy. That started in 2009. We now welcome 2013. The average lifetime for a business computer is three years. Many businesses that upgraded prior to 2008 are going to need to take a serious look at their IT infrastructure this year. So, that being said let me through some buzz words at you.

  • Cloud computing
  • Windows 8
  • IPhone 5
  • IOS
  • Tablet computing

What does this mean for your business? Well never in the history of computers have so many decisions had to be made when planning IT Infrastructure. Now is the time to sit down with your IT consultant and roadmap out your next three years. Don’t be shy, share your business plans with them. Your job is to run and plan your business. Let them help you get the correct technology for your plans. The more you share the more productive and cost effective your IT plans will be. To get the best return on your investment make sure to explore all the options. Buzz words are buzz words for a reason; they all could have a major impact on your business. Either good or bad depending on the path you follow.

Here is to a new beginning and New Year. From all of us here and BKS we wish you the prosperity and happiness this year.