It’s safe to say that most people have heard the term outsourcing. Not to be confused with off-shoring, outsourcing is the act of contracting out jobs or services to a third party or external agency. Just like everything else, both the pros and cons have circulated on the matter however, the outcomes of outsourcing truly are situational. In the case of an IT department, locally outsourcing (within the U.S.) is a beneficial decision for your company.


There are many reasons why outsourcing can help your company but to sum it up, paying a third party to manage your IT department and IT support services can provide you more time to focus on your company. When an outside company is equip to maintain your computer systems and networks, it frees up your time that had once been consumed with disruptions and mundane tasks, and allows you to focus on your clients and business.


In an article posted on the author lists the top 10 reasons to outsource, listed as follows:


1. Lower operational and labor costs

2. Continue to focus on the core business, delegating timely tasks to outside agencies

3. Able to tap into a global knowledge base

4. Outsourcing frees up internal resources that could be used more effectively

5. When outsourcing, more resources are available than if only internal resources were used

6. Outsourcing can provide a buffer capital fund to companies that could be leveraged in a way to best profit the company

7. Outsourcing allows you to delegate complicated tasks that are beyond your scope to an efficient third party, and lets you to focus on your expertise

8. Lessen risk

9. Companies can realize the benefits of re-engineering

10. Companies can outsource to expand into new market areas


Outsourcing can be the step your company needs to take in order to grow and reach business at a new level. Whether it is saving you money or branching into a new market, outsourcing could get your business in motion and help you to start reaching your goals.


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