We often believe the security of our emails relies entirely in the technology that we use. Studies show that companies may be overlooking an important security risk that happens more often than someone would think.

An article on net-security.org, states that employees may be sending sensitive information such as social security numbers, credit card information and other corporate data via email, making systems vulnerable. When 119 business professionals over various industries were surveyed, 53% reported receiving unencrypted data from coworkers that could pose a security risk. Alternatively only 17% admitted to personally sending out risky data. The later number is significantly higher and exposes that employees are not as secure as claimed to be, because 98% of professionals studied reported holding security standards that met or exceeded the company policy.

Companies must focus on employees and technology equally when it comes to email security. Be sure that employees are following procedures and enforce rules to uphold the security of sensitive information and your system.

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