A blog post from Microsoft Malware Research has revealed there are two computer viruses that work together creating a more difficult resolution for either. Anti virus programs don’t detect these bugs, making them even more malevolent.

The viruses are called Vobfus and Beebone, and can be encountered a number of ways; visiting an infected website, sharing a network with an infected PC or by coming in contact with an infected USB drive. Typically Vobfus is the first one to enter a computer and shortly after, installs Beebone which enrolls the PC into a network of other infected machines. The viruses continually download the newest versions of both, making it harder for people to resolve the virus and holding a longer grasp on the computer.

Because these viruses are good at downloading the most recent versions of the virus, it is suggested that you disable the “autorun” feature on any Windows machine. Also noted was that individuals should avoid websites that don’t seem right and may contain these or other viruses.

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