Congratulations! Chances are your business is growing and that’s how you found this blog post. You are probably debating whether you can handle your own IT needs in-house or you need to hire a managed IT services company to provide those services to you. Here are some reasons to take into consideration in making the important choice in IT services.

1. Corporate Structure Has Changed and So Have Your IT Needs

When many companies first start, it seems manageable to handle a few email accounts, backup the network and support those few computers. But, as a company grows, it’s a lot to ask your dedicated IT employee to strategize an IT plan for the future, support the growing number of staff and their IT needs as well as maintain the now aging hardware.

Rather than hiring more IT staff, a managed IT services company, like Business Knowledge Systems can support your business and it’s future growth.

2. Focus on Your Core Competencies

With proper managed IT services in place, your staff can effectively work towards the business’ core competencies and delivering product and services more efficiently. With proper email and network management, routine maintenance and monitoring as well as reactive support, your business will run according to plan.

3. Disaster Planning and Management

Business continuity planning and disaster recovery plans are essential for businesses of all sizes. Whether the disaster is a temporary power outage from a snowstorm or a more damaging flood ruining all your office equipment and papers, your business should have a plan.

You can hold meeting after meeting with your staff to create, implement and test a disaster recovery plan or you could hire a company specialized in creating IT disaster plans and skip to the test phase with your staff to plan for future, saving time and energy along the way.

4. Technology Is Changing Faster Than We Can Keep Up

When you have a dedicated IT team on staff, they might be too busy to keep up with the latest trends and technology changes. By hiring a managed IT services company, you are paying them for the latest technology.

Without keeping up with the trends in IT, you might be jeopardizing your stronghold in your market. Technology is everywhere and in every industry. While you stay ahead of the trends in your field, you can allow your managed information technology services provider to keep up with their market and keep you ahead of the pack.

5. Junk Email and More Accounts

Email can waste a lot of time and if you multiply that times every employee in your company, you’ve got an epidemic size time pit that needs to addressed. By hiring on a managed IT services provider, you can create email filters and improve email efficiencies on many different levels.

So, what are you waiting for? We’ve just explained why it’s so important to let the experts come in and help. managed IT services can be tailored to suit your for your small, medium or large sized company. Give us a call today and we can discuss the details.