BKS Systems wants the public to be aware of the CryptoLocker Virus that is infecting local PCs and holding files for ransom.

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The CryptoLocker Virus infects PCs by posing as an innocent email with a sender claiming to be customer support at UPS, DHS, FedEx, etc., and it includes an infected PDF. The PDF  is said to be a form however when it’s opened, the ‘form’ encrypts your PCs files and are then held for ransom.

The only known way to recover the encrypted files is to pay the ransom that is anywhere between $300 to $700 within 96 hours. There have been no cases reported to have not received their files after payment but you risk losing your files if you choose not to pay.

We suggest backing up all of your files so in the event that the virus affects your computer, you have your files stored elsewhere and don’t need to pay the hackers to access them.

If you have fallen victim to the CryptoLocker Virus you should immediately unplug your PC from your network to keep it from infecting any other computers.

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