Technology moves pretty fast these day. Think about the lifecycle of your car or the way you play music. Everything changes and although you might be able to bring that car to the mechanic a dozen times or so, at some point you have to think, 'Am I going to make it to the grocery store today?' So, you save up or splurge on the new vehicle.

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There are some telltale signs that your network server needs to updated. If any of the following are occurring, consider the amount of time you spend putting bandaids on your current server and how much more efficient and productive a new server would make your company.


Here are some telltale signs that the time has come to update your server network.


1. You are moving faster than your server.

If you spend more time waiting for your server to react, respond or reboot, chances are it’s overloaded, outdated or needs updating.


2.  Everyday, you are worried about the big crash.

If you’ve been backing up company data more often than you used to and fear that the whole thing is going to crash, well, chances are you are racing the clock on the inevitable.


3. The fan is louder than it used to be.

When the fans age, they start to get louder. The louder it gets, the more likely it is to fail.

4. You’ve stumped your IT guy.

If your IT can’t fix it, chances are, it’s getting old and outdated. The longer he spends on it, the more money you are spending on bandaids. Consider the alternative and go new!


5. Flexibility. Functionality.

If you find yourself saying, “it just doesn’t do that,” you will be amazed at the newer functionality available on some of the newer equipment. For example the new Windows Server 2012 RT Essentials features easier server and client deployment, better reporting, auto-features, mobile device management and remote web access.


6. Space and Speed.

You know you wanted a sportscar, but the spouse said, ‘keep it realistic honey.’ Well, now’s the time. Business is going well, you’ve outgrown the 2 door hatch-back and need something stronger, faster and with more space. Same goes for the new server. You can get you something fast and sexy or something with a little more size and very dependable or maybe it’s something inbetween. The choice is yours, but we’re here to help you make the right choice on your new server, kind of like your spouse is there for your new car decision.