As always, you should be aware of the emails that are sent to your accounts and immediately delete ones that appear suspicious. Due to a recent string of malicious emails, we alert you to be specifically aware of emails claiming to be ‘processing your order.’


Recently there have been malicious emails saying your order has been received and it will be processed in the next few days. As many of us make purchases online this may not seem suspicious to you but the email directs you to follow the link where you can find additional details about your order, when really the link infects your device. Once you have clicked the link a program is installed, infecting your device with malware, spyware or ransomware.

There are a few versions of this scam going around to both work and personal email accounts and we warn you to be cautious of the emails you choose to open and interact with. If you want to learn the details of your order and aren’t sure if the email is from who they claim to be, play it safe and call the company directly. This ensures you getting any information you need and keeping your devices safe.


Email Scan screenshot