Fact: Zero Day has passed. Windows is no longer supporting Windows XP.

Ok, maybe just this one time...

Microsoft went ahead and released a patch for CVE-2014-1776, the potential security vulnerability. The potential for bad press was far greater than dusting off the XP security update. This time a band-aid was enough, but next time the band-aid might not fix the bigger break.

This is a great opportunity to take advantage of Microsoft's warnings. Back in 2005, Microsoft issued a fix after the support end date of Windows NT4. Microsoft had been reminding Windows NT4 users that support was ending and that it was time to upgrade. Support actually ended at the end of 2004. When a vulnerability prevented code execution in 2005, Microsoft went ahead and issued an update for NT4 with a final final warning for NT4 users that this was the last time they would issue support. And it was.

Same goes for Windows XP users. Windows XP mainstream support ended in 2009, but extended support ended on April 8, 2014. The most recent patch fixed a post support end date, but this shouldn't be expected to happen again. No one knows if Microsoft will fix the next vulnerability or if they will cut off XP users altogether.

If you are the gambling type, you might stick it out a little while longer with Windows XP.

If you want to protect your company from other potential security updates, compliance issues, lack of independent software vendor support and hardware manufacturer support then it is probably time to consider migrating everything to a newer operating system.