You are an innovator. You like changing workflow to make things easier, quicker or more cost-efficient. You’re the model of excellence for your company or organization, your boss gives your great reviews, your co-workers like you. There is just one problem, the IT department can stand that you keep rocking the boat.

It turns out that the IT department doesn’t like change. They like to play it safe, keep it secure and not rock the boat. So, when you come up with these great new ideas, they really aren’t on board with the plans.


In their defense, the Chief Information Officer and the Information Technology department of your company or organization are responsible for creating stability and information security. The company created a process, the managers enforced it and now IT controls and maintains it. When that process is questioned and then puts up the possibly for change (eek! that word again), IT wants to rein the team back in. For them, it is easier to maintain as is, then to itemize all the systems and processes that will be reviewed, reorganized all because of that one particular change.

One thing to consider in this mix for your company is that IT can be innovative and can change, however it requires additional help and support. Having an on-call managed IT company available to support your IT department might be the solution for your company or organization.

Consider bidding out or bringing in help with the following:


Overtime/Extra Workload During Implementation - Your current IT staff knows what needs to be done, but is overwhelmed with the work required to implement it.


User Experience and New Protocol - Based on our typecast profile of the average IT person, I’d say your IT staff could use some help with telling the rest of the staff how this is all going to work, put it in laymans terms and solidify the new process.


Purchasing the Correct Hardware and Software for the Job - An upgrade in process or procedure or a major IT change usually requires some new IT assets. Having an IT company that is up on the latest trends in hardware and software will give you greater knowledge of what to look for as far as pricing and more easily bid out process. , your current staff does not and has not worked with it.


Hiring a Managed IT company, like BKS Systems allows you to bring in a team for a short-term assignment that can strategize, plan and budget for the transition. They can assist with all aspects of the move that you need, stay on as long as you’d like and give you the guidance you need. It really is the way to make your company stronger and support innovation.