Your current IT provider has worked with you through numerous problems and all in all, has provided satisfactory support. Whether or not you are considering changing IT support providers and no matter your personal tech comfort level, you should have access and ultimately, control of the IT logins and passwords that make your company’s information technology tick.

You are a smart business person and you may have noticed some small red flags pop up recently or you compared your IT services to an associate’s business model.

Can you administer your devices on your own?
Do you have the passwords to try?

As a valued customer, you have the right to your information—you paid your IT provider to set it up and you share it with your IT provider, not the reverse. Your IT company might question you on your reasoning for wanting this information, but it could be that they don’t want to have to play cleanup when you let the new IT intern into your server or it could be because they are afraid of not being able to hold you hostage. It’s your company, you should know what the keys are to open all the doors and your IT company should support that.

If you think it’s time to explore your IT options, make sure you are in-the-know on the below list and it won’t feel like a hostage takeover when you do switch. Some companies will be fully supportive of your change, maybe you’ve outgrown them, maybe they are too busy, whatever the reason, if they are good business people, they will just let it happen. If however, they are bitter and angry about losing you as a client, you want to be prepared. Just in case the handover of IT support doesn’t go as planned, you don’t want to cause any downtime in your indicating that it’s time to make a switch.


Keep These in a Safe Place and Be Sure to Notify Other Stakeholders of Password Resets


Here is our list of things that you should be sure to have:

1. Office 365 or Email Hosting Provider Admin Access - Make sure that someone on your staff is an admin on Office 365 and/ or the email hosting provider. You should know that person is on staff for a while and will willingly release username and password information if they are dismissed or quit.

2. Company Server and/or Domain Admin Access - If your IT company setup your server and pointed anything to the domain, be sure you have access to a user name and password that would allow you access to manage these components.

3. Internet Connection Admin - If your internet goes down or you decide to switch providers, this will allow you to take care of switching this yourself. If you have to call the internet service provider, you will need the login information. Save time and money by having an admin person on staff handle this kind of fix simply by having the internet connection login information available.

4. Wireless Devices Portal Login Info - Access to this info will allow you to make sure all wireless devices are joined to your network, which will give you the power to manage them. If you need to block someone out, this is a great place to start. Having this login information readily available helps facilitate this move. Not that you will use it, it’s nice to have it available to you.

5. Firewall Login Info - If your IT provider setup your firewall software, attaining this info will help you to prevent any further unauthorized access to your system. Having this login information adds to the accountability factor and self-sustainability test that you need to be able to demonstrate to any IT professional.

6. Domain Name Registrar Login - If the internet was the wild wild west, your domain would be the flag claiming your domain, get it domain. Ok seriously, your real estate or domain should be owned by you or your company, not your webmaster. If you were to sell your company, this is an asset, a tangible good. Without the domain, you simply are still a renter. Your domain can be separate from your web hosting.

7. Website Hosting Account Login Info - This one, unlike your domain name registration can be handled by your website company. Allowing your website company to manage your hosting creates a more seamless correction process by allowing them accessibility and immediate connectivity if/when there is a problem. Since they have access, it will save you billable hours and maintain productivity. However, you and your company should still have access. If your web developer wins the lottery and moves to Hawaii, it would be nice to know you can pass access to your new web developer without having to wait for the old one to finish his next Maitai, right?

Once you have obtained this information, you will feel empowered that you have all the keys to your own company. You can feel satisfied just having them or you can feel ready to make the transfer to a new IT provider.

Another point of mention is to have a SOP for when these passwords get changed. Make a standard operating procedure exists to remind your IT person, IT company, other managers or owners to alert the rest of the senior staff when a password has been changed on any of the below listed items.

Keep in mind that your IT provider should not only work for you, but with you as well.

If you need further assistance in moving to a new IT provider and locking out of a current provider, be sure to contact BKS Systems. We can provide you with the support you need, as well as assistance regarding all of your other IT needs.