Considering Office 365 for your office?

When Microsoft Office 365 first came out, we were not keen on switching over just yet, let alone recommend clients to  make the move to the Office 365 cloud. There were some documented problems; syncing problems with Blackberry, a multitude of errors and glitches and with all that, it was expensive. I couldn’t justify the cost or the return on the investment for my office, so how could I recommend it for my clients?

But, just like the first run of a new car model, the manufacturer works things out, glitches get fixed and next thing you know the buggy first run has enough updates to make it a well-oiled machine. Same goes for Office 365, they started to fix those problems and glitches and I was enticed to look into it again.

By November 2013, BKS Systems became an authorized Office 365 partner and we have been happily consulting clients and providing Office 365 migration services to a number of our clients, mainly by their own request.


Are you ready to make the switch to cloud computing? Office 365 is the fastest growing suite of cloud apps and a great way to get started.


Should you migrate to Office 365 internally or hire someone to handle the Office 365 migration for your office?

BKS Systems is an Office 365 Partner. We have been called in to clean up what companies thought they could do internally. Although your company’s IT team might be skilled, this is a new migration, new setup and they will be learning as they go. Whereas BKS Systems has handled migrations like this over and over again.


Reasons to Hire an IT Company for Your Office 365 Migration:


1. Consultation to choose the right Office 365 level (personal, small business, enterprise)
Your IT professional can help you choose the right level, saving you money while still supporting your company as it grows.

2. Migrate without lost time and minimal headaches
Microsoft is still working on their technical support for Office 365. With over 4.4 million users signing up within the first 14 months on the market, Office 365 users, Office 365 customers cannot always get Microsoft to answer their questions in the most timely or efficient manner. By having BKS Systems or another IT contractor set up your initial migration, your company is supported by an Office 365 partner to avoid downtime and fix all major and minor issues during and after the migration.

3. Setup and schedule backups on your office clock

Plan and set up your backups at your convenience and hire an IT contractor like BKS Systems to help you make a smooth transition to Office 365 to do so.

4. Maintain cost efficiency
Your IT consultant can assist you in choosing the plan that fits your needs and budget. Microsoft offers reasonably priced plans upfront that cater to all business sizes. By hiring BKS systems or another IT company, you can receive assistance as well as save time and money in the process of selecting the the best value for your business.

5. Manage a secure system
Protection is a must for making the move to a new plan. The spam filters in Office 365 could be different from what you’re used to and your IT professional can assist you in setting up the filters included in the built-in security with Office 365. An IT contractor like BKS Systems can help you configure the spam filters and therefore keep your system safe while sparing you the confusion.

With that said, if you need to ask some questions about this whole process, get a quote to move your office to the cloud, BKS Systems is here for you.

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