Supporting Value for an Increased IT Budget

IT and a company’s IT structure affects so much of the whole company from the outward facing customer support and IT infrastructure to handle sales to the internal information and data storage, security, and the human resources element of company. Without up-to-date IT structures and systems, an organization can be held hostage by lost data, time lost, or even poor competitive advantage.

Who Makes the IT Budget Final Say?

The economy is changing and it is becoming a technology rich world. Although the CIO or the IT department is responsible for creating the budget, there is a need in many companies to present and get approval from the CEO or the CFO.

As the person vying for the increased IT budget, we have some considerations for you when you create and present your IT budget in hopes of winning approval.

Although every IT department head or CIO wants it all to be fresh, new, and fully flexible, this might not be the capital improvement plan the rest of the company had in mind for 2015. Instead, bite it off in pieces.

Identify Company Benefits:

See it in the eyes of your peers. Whether you are saving the company money, increasing efficiency, lowering overhead, or replacing a system that has been repaired 10x in the last year, spell out the alternatives to not purchasing this new piece of equipment.

Essential IT Services Shift:

Find out what it is the other department heads need for IT upgrades. They might not understand the intricacies of the security and data storage, but they might have some suggestions on applications, CRMs, and hardware that would assist their department and the company as a whole.

As businesses rely more on technology, IT has become a service to the whole company, from human resources to sales, and marketing. The IT manager is responsible for researching and finding ways that the new IT can assist the other departments of the company.

Upgrading or Modernizing Existing IT:

More companies are choosing to spend IT budget on application modernization and development, however modernizing legacy core systems is becoming more prevalent, according to ZDNET. As flexible cloud based systems become more intricate, the costs to managing the IT environment around the legacy systems is becoming tougher. Consider this in your budget, and set a time frame to migrate away from the legacy systems into newer more technology flexible systems.

Managing an IT Strategy:

Even if your company is committed to upgrading its technology and putting money into the IT budget, the goal is to make sure there is a strategy in place to do it with an investment in the future of the company.

If you are responsible for managing the IT budget for your company, consider bringing in a managed IT firm, like BKS Systems to do an assessment of your current technology. BKS Systems does this for many companies just like yours and having a fresh set of eyes on your workplace IT environment will allow you to step back from the daily grind. You might not even realize some of your processes or equipment are on the verge of obsolete and that better options exist.

There are benefits to having an outside company like BKS Systems assess your IT. It gives you the meat and potatoes to present with your IT budget for 2015. Interested?

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