Unfortunately, we were unable to attend the much anticipated, CES 2015, in Las Vegas this week.
CNet did a great breakdown on what we missed, or more importantly what we don’t want to miss. CES has a history of pumping out major tech innovations. Knowing that the next-big-thing might be on display now makes us want to keep in touch with CES 2015 through their virtual channels, which they have made perfectly easy for those of us that, sigh, couldn't make the show this year.

driverless vehicle audi

From car tech and virtual augmented reality to the totally weird and wacky, CES 2015 has it all. The Internet of Things is getting more smart, so are cars and wait, now we can see video from a pet tracker and buy a belt that expands and contracts with our waistline.

Here’s the official CNET CES 2015 page:

CES 2015 logo

What does this all mean? More devices, more integrating can equal more frustration and more time spent on syncing devices and setting up BYODs. Do we really need all these devices? Will they increase our efficiency and productivity? Some will become mandatory and some will just disappear.

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CNET Oculus Rift Preview