moving your office to the cloud

Even though you don’t operate a virtual office, you can still consider taking your IT services to the cloud. It’s a big decision, but usually comes at a time when upgrading or purchasing new equipment has become eminent.

So, how do you decide whether to stay local (on-premise), go virtual or come up with a hybrid solution? BKS Systems can help you decide whether you will require cloud storage, cloud services or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

Determine Your Needs and Expectations:

This is a great time to ask yourself questions about your IT protocol and expectations of your staff. It is also a great opportunity to open up the discussion and ask for feedback to increase productivity and efficiencies. Redefining your company’s IT policies might work in your favor if it allows your staff to do more work while maintaining the level of security and support management requires.

Plan For The Future:

Before you are in crisis mode trying to replace a legacy system or completely defunct hardware just to keep the operation afloat, consider planning your IT for the year, even five years. WIth your estimated revenue and staffing growth in mind, consider whether your current IT hardware and infrastructure supports these goals.

Consider Your Resources - Financial and IT Personnel:

The next thing to consider is your financial budget for the year and the staffing you have to support a migration to new IT infrastructure. Whether you are buying and implementing a new server for the office or migrating to the cloud, you will require manpower, experienced manpower to make the move. It is a lot to ask your on-staff IT team to handle, even if they are capable.

Bringing in a Managed IT company like BKS Systems can expedite the migration process, minimize downtime and train your IT employees to take over once they finish.


It’s a big decision to move to the cloud. Whether you are considering storing just your files in cloud storage, managing some of your business with cloud services or operating a more customizable infrastructure as a service (IaaS) option, you have a lot of choices.

If you would like some help strategizing your IT goals for your Chicago area business, BKS Systems is here to support you. We have managed many on-premise migrations, cloud migrations as well as custom hybrid migration solutions. We have done the IT research and we work with some of the best cloud storage, cloud service and IaaS providers in the industry.

We take the stress out of moving and managing your IT.
Give us a call today and see how we might plan for healthy IT move for your Chicago business.