anthem hack - lock on data security

The Anthem hack was a perfect example of leaving your data vulnerable and has caused a call for big changes to help companies, large and small, prevent hacks.

If you haven’t heard, cyberthieves gained access to addresses, employment information and Social Security numbers of 80 million customers and employees of Anthem, the parent healthcare giant company to Blue Cross Blue Shield among other companies. The good news is that they didn’t gain access to personal health or medical records, the bad news is they did get social security numbers.


So what is being done about this?

Alert the Presses!

Unlike some other big company hacks that seemed to have waited until the investigations were complete before going public, Anthem seems to be trying to stay in front of the potential backlash and making the right moves including offering credit monitoring. Federal law requires health care breaches to become public, however a new law is being proposed to make all breaches public within 30 days (although some clarification on these rules still needs to be addressed, source).


Don’t Be Vulnerable

As a managed IT provider, we coach our clients on how to protect their customers data, how to prevent cybercrime, and how to recoup from an cyberattack of any size. If you accept sensitive information from your customers or clients, it is your business to protect that info. Understandably, things are sometimes out of our control. Heck, even the federal government gets hacked.

But, you have a responsibility to do everything in your power to prevent data breaches for not just customer service, but for business reputation.

Consider Anthem’s reputation right now. They may have skirted HIPAA violations because medical info wasn’t shared, but they will still have to answer and explain the breach in painstaking details to authorities. They will need to show that they did their due diligence and have appropriate safeguards in place, including documentation for their risk analysis, security policies and procedures, incident reports and prevention plan for the future. Proving that this was a complex, sophisticated hack will be the proof in Anthem’s IT policies and procedures pudding.

Are you IT security processes and procedures in place? Why not bring in an expert like BKS Systems to audit your systems and help put some IT procedures in place to give you, your staff and your customers some piece of mind.