choosing a cloud storage solution

Cloud storage options for business are emerging everywhere. And the growth of this cloud storage services for businesses has every right to grow as they are becoming more and more relevant and important for small to medium size businesses. Cloud storage solutions add a level of efficiency, cost-effectiveness and security for businesses of all sizes.

Even though cloud storage concepts have been around for a while, business owners were slow to adopt due to a number of issues, including redundancy, security and reliability. But Managed IT companies, like Business Knowledge Systems, are partnering with leaders in the cloud storage world, like MozyPro, to provide easy, efficient transitions to the cloud with all the best support available.

As a reseller of MozyPro, BKS Systems can provide you state of the art cloud storage solutions for your Chicago area business. We know that uptime is essential and can keep you up and running while we transition your storage in the background. With the flexibility of your new cloud storage solutions, you will have new efficiencies that can give your business a competitive advantage to stand out from the pack.

MozyPro allows you and your staff mobile access and work-from-home support options. With synchronization between devices and collaborations between users, you will save time and create new efficiencies that you never knew possible.

You data is protected and secure 24-7 with the best in the business from MozyPro. BKS Systems can schedule your backups to support your business need and keep your data secure, safe and current.

You are never offline with cloud storage solutions and your own internal servers can become obsolete with a reallocation of those capital upgrade funds put towards other new technology for your business.

Is your Chicago area business thinking about making the move? BKS Systems can help you evaluate your options. We’ve done this for many other businesses, so we listen to your concerns and we accommodate your business needs. Give us a call today!