Managing connected devices, in real time, at any scale.

With an ever-increasing number of devices and multiple operating systems, businesses require more mobility and constantly evolving processes to secure data on their networks. Allowing staff to bring-their-own-devices (BYOD) creates fluidity and more efficient staff, but also complicates data management.

Whether you manage your IT in-house or you have a Chicago managed IT provider like BKS Systems manage your IT, creating efficient management methods to adhere to company IT policies is essential.

BKS Systems has partnered with CentraStage, a leading Endpoint Management Provider to offer the latest and greatest in remote access IT security management. With the implementation of CentraStage on your system, we have the accessibility to deploy software, perform IT asset inventory, manage software updates, install patches and isolate virus/malware infections.

What is Endpoint Management?

Endpoint management is a remote approach to managing the evolving multiple operating systems that access your business network. By managing your IT remotely, we can immediately stop problems before they escalate.


Does Endpoint Management Work With All Operating Systems?

We chose to partner with CentraStage because it works with many operating systems and is constantly being updated. Christian Nagele, CEO and co-founder of CentraStage, says: “Most organizations are facing the challenge not only of managing increasing numbers of endpoints, but also an increasing range of operating systems and models. This in turn is driving an increase in the cost of device management, and the risk these devices pose to the business. Our latest release presents a solution to this challenge, enabling our customers to cost-effectively manage all of their devices through a scalable SaaS device management platform, reducing both cost and risk.”


BYOD and Secure Data:

Working within the confines of your company’s defined IT policies and procedures or assisting you in creating them, BKS Systems will implement the Endpoint Management systems to allow and disallow the devices that make best business sense. For example, attaching a USB stick from home might not be ok, but charging an iPhone is ok.

Ready to take your Chicago business to the next level of security and IT innovation? BKS Systems is up for the task. We listen, advise and implement the tools, training and IT systems to make the technology backbone of your company stronger, more secure and more efficient.