You may be the on-staff IT expert, but is each one of your staff armed with the basic rules to email safety, to keep your business out harm’s way?

So many people are thrown into emailing; self-taught on security and safety issues and expected to employ their previous job’s rules or lack of them in their new position. However, not all of your employees may have the street smarts to NOT open those funky emails from foreign email addresses offering big rewards.

It is your duty to protect your IT infrastructure and it all starts with proper IT training for all staff.

We work with our clients to provide proactive IT management, troubleshooting IT issues and fixing IT problems. If each of our clients started with the basic email rules guide (like the one below) and required their staff to follow these rules, we might save your company a lot of money.

Are you noticing a ton of spam emails?

The older your email address is, the more unwanted emails seem to get, the more lists you sign up for (intentionally or unintentionally), and the more spam you get.
If you or your staff spend more than 5 minutes in the morning deleting emails or unsubscribing from lists or bogus offers, we offer advanced spam protection for your company’s email.
Food for thought: 10 minutes gained of productivity x the number of employees sorting through junk email every day = added productivity due to spam protection.

Don’t Open Unsolicited Attachments!

This may seem obvious to you, but surely there is a gullible member of your team that doesn’t get this. The dangers of that email can have huge repercussions on the company’s data and systems and all for a curious employee that doesn’t have the street smarts to think, ‘is this a real offer?’ Training your staff about the dangers of opening attachments from unknown senders or event weird offers from actual senders is your best protection. There are some IT precautions that can be put in place to take this security to a next level, however those will really infringe the flexibility and productivity of those who need email attachments for regular workflow.

Don’t Wait on Install Updates

If your virus protection or operating software is requesting an update, do it! Train your staff that it is their responsibility to do this. Some of these updates have time-sensitive patch updates that will protect not just their computers, but the whole company’s systems. Don’t want to entrust this task to them? We’ve got options to do remote updates as they are available. Endpoint management, advanced virus protection and more can all be done from a remote access point by your Chicago area Managed IT company, BKS Systems.

Email Storage Issues

There are a number of ways that individuals store email. For the gmail user, archiving messages or filing them in folders might seem a tedious task. Set a company policy on email storage and remind your staff to follow that policy. Need help setting inbox capacities, identifying email backup storage locations, or training staff on email policies? BKS Systems is your Chicagoland Managed IT solution.

Encryption Options

We’ve all had an occasion where we need to send a private document and know that emails are backed-up and stored someplace and that the information is a bit sensitive to send via email. Consider email encryption options to prevent data loss and vulnerability. Unsure of what to choose or short on time to install the encryption software, BKS Systems can work with you as your Chicagoland email support specialist and your Managed IT Provider.

Your company’s IT requires constant proactive and reactive management. From email support to data storage; from IT security to tech support, BKS Systems serves the greater Chicago area businesses in the financial, healthcare, and logistics industries. In addition to being a Managed IT provider, we also help businesses plan their IT capital expenditures, IT planning, IT budgeting and IT reporting.

Think of us as your Outsourced IT Department. We strategically optimize and protect your IT infrastructure while performing day-to-day maintenance that keeps your users from experiencing downtime. One time projects, day to day maintenance, or annual planning, BKS Systems is your Chicago Managed IT Provider.