Email phishing scams are nothing new, but it's not often that large scale Google scams make the rounds.

At Chicago IT consultant BKS we started hearing of the latest scam to hit inboxes on the afternoon of Wednesday, May 3. Users have reported receiving what looks to be real invitations to view Google Doc files.

To the trained eye, the email looks pretty fishy. However, for anyone who clicks on the link in the email they are taken to a login screen that looks almost nearly identical to the same screen you'd be taken to if the invite from Google was legit. The screen is pretty much the same as the one that looks like the page with all of your accounts listed and it matches Google's recent redesign.

The page has an almost identical URL and clicking on a Google Doc link makes it appear even more authentic. From there the page asks you to confirm which Google account you want to use to open the doc and asks you to grant access by entering your account info and password.

One certain way to tell if you have received one of these emails is that it says it's addressed to "hhhhhhhhhhhhhh." Check the imbedded photo below for a screenshot of what the emails look like.

Needless to say, if you have receive an unsolicited email from someone asking you to open a Google Doc, immediately delete the email and alert your company's IT professional. Do not click on any links contained in the email or forward it to anyone else.

If you have more questions about this or any other email scam, contact Chicago's leading IT professionals at BKS Systems at 630.357.8385