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A Very Important Message About BKS and COVI-19

It’s important to all of us at BKS for our clients to know that while we are taking all precautions given by the Centers for Disease Control, including required increased social distancing in our office, we remain committed to helping…


BKS Systems Marks 20 Years of Technology!

We live in an amazing age. Without exaggeration, it could easily be said the advancements in technology in the past 20 years have done more to change the world through commerce, communication and connectivity than any other previous time. And…


Trends in Cyber Security for Small Business in 2020

43% of cyberattacks target small businesses. Every year, hackers find new ways to exploit vulnerabilities in company systems and networks. As quickly as security experts respond to an attack, hackers develop new malware to jeopardize your data, your clients, and…


Why Are Local Governments the Target of Ransomware?

There’s no question about it: Governments are falling victim to ransomware attacks more than ever before. Such attacks on local governing bodies are nothing new. One of the first victims of contemporary ransomware was the police department of Swansea, a…


How to Prevent Ransomware Attack

We hear routinely in the news that a major corporation or government agency has had its data integrity compromised, with millions of pieces of personal data accessed. In these cases the criminals behind the attack hope to get money by…


Still Running Windows 7? The Time to Upgrade is Now

As we explained recently, Microsoft is sunsetting its Windows 7 operating system on Jan. 14, 2020 — that’s 10 years after it was first introduced. RELATED CONTENT: WINDOWS 7 SUNSETTING FAQS If you continue to use Windows 7 after this…


Windows 7 Sunsetting FAQs

Since we first told you a few weeks ago about Microsoft’s January 14, 2020, sunsetting of its Windows 7 operating system, we’ve received a lot of questions. To help make things clearer you, we’ve decided to provide some answers to…


What Does the End of Windows 7 Mean for Your Business?

You probably have already received pop-up messages from Microsoft announcing that Windows 7 will reach its “end of life” on January 14, 2020. More than 1 billion people worldwide use Windows: a huge number of businesses and individuals will be…

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