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National IT Support and Infrastructure Design

BKS was contracted by a national transportation company to provide IT consulting and services. The company had neither a formal IT infrastructure nor IT organization. The requirement was to create an IT helpdesk as well as introducing IT policies and procedures. Along with these new formal IT polices it was required to implement an IT infrastructure that would meet current needs as well as provide a platform for future growth. As there had been no formal planning or purchasing policies, BKS Systems found a mixture of home and professional computers.

As a result of BKS Systems IT planning and technology work, this company now has a central location for all data and intellectual property. They have secure and manageable backups and are working towards a fully redundant solution hosted across their offices. It is estimated that the phone and data backbone saves the company around $10,000 per month by eliminating all the long distance calls between sites, as well as providing a larger volume of services to a select group of vendors securing larger discounts.

BKS Systems implemented IT procurement procedures to ensure the licensing is always fully compliant. They continue to work in all traditional IT roles for this company, ranging from planning and design consulting to nationwide help desk support.

Implementation and Design

BKS Systems introduced an IT team that allowed users to have a central point of contact for IT services. BKS Systems next performed an audit of all IT systems and computers. It was very evident that many of the computers were not licensed properly and/or were grossly under powered for use as business computers. BKS produced a project list and an IT budget based on requirements. The first goal was to secure licensing for all computers currently in the environment. As many of the computers needed to be replaced, BKS Systems, working within the corporate budget, managed to purchase both computers and licenses to make the company fully compliant.

Once this was completed BKS began the second phase of design and implementation of a corporate infrastructure.


Having resolved licensing and major emergencies, BKS Systems took on the role of consultant and working with company executives discussed business goals, planning and strategies for information technology company-wide.

Based on the outcome of these discussions, BKS Systems began the task of designing an IT infrastructure that would provide a basis for many years growth.

BKS Systems designed an IT infrastructure that allowed all main sites to communicate via an MPLS backbone. They migrated all of the offices to a hosted VOIP phone system. New core network servers were implemented in a virtual environment to provide for file and print sharing as well as a SharePoint and an Exchange server.

The Exchange migration started with a goal of centralizing email storage and backup. It is worth noting that BKS Systems moved over 200 users from a POP3 server to an Exchange server in one weekend.

Each of these implementations was led by a BKS project manager and had its own project goals and plans.

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