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Recent Cyber Security Attacks That We’ve Learned From

Recent Cyber Attacks To Learn From

Be aware, and stay protected.

Business Knowledge Systems understands how important it is to keep your company safe. With the help of the cloud, we deliver high end services to protect what you have worked so hard to foster. So far in 2015, there have been various IT security breaches for both large and small scale organizations and companies. At BKS Systems, we do what it takes to protect our clients from experiencing a security issue.


Malware Cyber Attack

July 8, 2015- Over 4 million people in 400 different countries were spammed into paying money that totaled over 14 million dollars. Vladmir Tsastin, recently pleaded guilty to a large scale cyberattack that utilized malware and click fraud to trick users into making payments by mimicking a trusted site (like Apple).

Solution: Consider remote access management software on all your computers so your Managed IT provider can quickly remote in correct programs.

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Security Vulnerability

June 2015- Microsoft Windows Server 2003 is an outdated version of Microsoft that is very publicly no longer supported. Beginning in August, Microsoft will no longer issue security updates for Microsoft 2003, so attackers may be able to reverse-engineer the system and leave any Windows 2003 still in use, in danger.

Solution: Consider upgrading to a cloud based server.

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Cyber Hack

June 2015- Two security breaches at the Office of Personnel Management were reported on June 4th, and 12th, and left the personally identifiable information of 21.5 million individuals at the fingertips of cyber hackers. About 3.6 million people were affected in the breaches of both incidents.

Solution: Consider an IT security service that will monitor your security and protect against these types of situations.

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Malware Payment System Attack

July 2015- Several clients of a service system provider were left unhappy when twelve of their payment systems were infected with Malware in Denver. This third party breach is especially dangerous for smaller merchants.

Solution: Consider trusting a IT service provider that specializes in working with smaller businesses and has a team of dedicated employees monitoring harmful behavior, to prevent situations like this.

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Spyware Vendor Hacked

July 2015- Spyware vendor HackingTeam was hacked, and 400 GB of corporate data was leaked. The company sells a program to police and government agencies, and warned them to suspend their usage of the program because of a security breach.

Solution: Let your IT Service provide you the necessary security specialized to your company’s needs.

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