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banking IT services

Banking IT Services

Helping banks with Cyber Security and Compliance needs

Your bank provides detailed services to its customers. At BKS Systems we offer the same detailed services to banking customers just like you.

Banks and financial institutions must control costs while remaining competitive. That’s why outsourcing your Banking IT needs to a managed service provider like BKS Systems can help you improve your own bottom line.

With managed IT services, you can outsource many routine functions while retaining control of the bank’sĀ costs. At BKS Systems we manage essential governance issues, compliance updates, and system integration.

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As your Banking IT service provider, BKS will:

  • Maintain and support all your IT network and infrastructure needs
  • Work with your management team to develop and maintain best practices to stay in compliance with FFIEC and other regulations
  • Work with your audit committee and auditors to make sure that all IT audits are managed.
  • Work with your management team to develop your ISP (Information security program) and will work with your ISO (Information security officer) to manage that program
  • Help your ISO and audit committee develop or maintain your information security policies, computer policies and business continuity and disaster recovery policies.
  • Provide guidance and engineering for upgrades and routine maintenance of all IT infrastructure devices
  • Provide Level I, II, III remote and onsite support services to all your staff

Our fully trained managed IT professionals keep your bank systems up and running and we have years of experience working with small to medium size banks in the Chicago area. BKS Systems can work with your existing IT staff, or become your IT staff.

If your bank or financial institutionĀ is in need of IT support or you have questions about outsourcing your entire IT operation, contact BKS Systems today to talk to one of our banking IT specialists.

Proudly based in Plainfield and serving the surrounding area:

BKS Systems has been a trusted managed IT consultant in Northern Illinois and Northwest Indiana since 2000. We proudly serve the following areas and beyond.

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