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Autotask Endpoint Backup

Managing important business files is one of the most complex IT challenges for any company. Your business creates and saves files in immense quantities with that volume increasing on a near-daily basis. These files can be some of your business’ most valued assets and they need to be backed up and protected in real time.

The No. 1 challenge for businesses is that without access to a simple, automated and fully monitored business grade backup solution, too many end-users do not back up their devices or do so in an inconsistent manner and with substandard methods. The result can be an unreliable, partial or non-existent backup of business devices containing critical files. This makes the probability of losing business files through outside attack a real possibility.

Chicago Managed IT firm BKS Systems is proud to offer industry-leading Autotask Endpoint Backup (AEB) service. AEB is a cloud-based file backup service that is deployed, configured and managed centrally. AEB allows us to customize which of your files are backed up, monitor backup progress and access the Endpoint Backup remotely, allowing us to restore files from off-site. AEB offers the following benefits:

  • Security Testing and Compliance HIPPA and SOC2, 256 encryption and at rest
  • Smart Backups Reduces backup time and minimizes memory footprint on your system
  • Centrally Managed Full Configuration Consistent and reliable backup of all your devices
  • Fast and Easy File Restore for Lost or Corrupted Data Stay ahead of the looming threats of Ransomware attacks or other viruses

If your company is operating without a fully robust backup system, it’s not a matter of if you will suffer an outside attack, but when. For a free demonstration of Autotask Endpoint Backup, simply call BKS Systems today at 630.357.8385 or complete our online contact form below.

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