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Cyber Security and IT Compliance Services

Small businesses to medium-size businesses are experiencing a daunting rate of phishing scams, data breaches, ransomware, cyber-attacks and darkweb exposure. Business owners are unable to recruit cybersecurity expertise nor keep pace with the volume of emerging threats targeting businesses of all sizes. To defend against modern threats, organizations must be able to continuously monitor their networks, devices and cloud, before an incident occurs.

And in a world with increasing amounts of government compliance needs there can also be a mountain of other IT issues on top of keeping your data secure.

Introducing BKS Cyber Security and Compliance Services

BKS Cyber Security and Compliance Services package combines an elite team of IT security veterans with a purpose-built threat monitoring platforms identifying malicious and suspicious activity. Our security service delivers 24x7x365 threat detection and response while detecting and containing threats faster with incident remediations.

Industries like healthcare, financial services and manufacturing are required by government regulation to develop IT protocols, from email to disaster recovery to data protection. BKS employs a host of automated platforms and relies on over 20 years of compliance experience to ensure our clients are up-to-date at all times. Trust your compliance needs to us!

Service Highlights

  • Enhanced end-user training to combat phishing and other attacks
  • 24/7 Darkweb monitoring
  • Enhanced breach detection
  • Compliance management – HIPAA/ CIS / NIST – IT Policy management

Small to Medium Size Businesses Who Need This Service

  • Short on IT resources
  • Employees lack security skillsets
  • Desire to save money by outsourcing cybersecurity
  • Need constant monitoring of government IT compliance regulations
  • Want to avoid becoming a data breach or ransomware victim
  • Require continuous threat monitoring
  • Can access an experienced cyber team without the cost of hiring a full-time employee

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The professionals at BKS Systems have been protecting the IT infrastructure of small to medium size businesses for over 20 years. If your business could benefit from a comprehensive cybersecurity package and compliance monitoring, contact us today!

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