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Endpoint Management

Endpoint ManagementEndpoint security management is a strategic approach to strong network security. This approach is for policies that require endpoint devices to comply with specific criteria before they are granted access to network resources.

Serving businesses throughout the Chicago area, BKS Systems offers a complete endpoint security management system to help monitor and manage each workstation, desktop, laptop, remote office, smartphone and other devices accessing your company’s resources

With endpoint management installed on your company devices, IT operations can easily access any device, isolate viruses, audit data, or provide individual IT support.

One of the most exciting aspects of Endpoint management is the availability to provide remote management monitoring (RMM). RMM, the accessibility to access and monitor remote workstations of all kinds, has become increasingly popular but has become even more important with the cloud environment and the importance of accommodating the Internet of Things (IoT).

Endpoint Security Management allows your Managed IT Provider to truly act as your internal IT department by providing many services like:

Remote Asset Management

With a real-time picture of your company’s assets, auditing data, software and hardware becomes a simple task rather than a nightmare. Instead of working toward performing the audit, the full and current visibility allows you to pinpoint action items and spend time on those.

Remote Software Management

We, as your Managed IT provider, can easily automate deployment of new software, configurations, security patches on all or some devices. If your business has remote workers, this is an essential time saver and risk reducer.

Remote Hardware Monitoring

Implement system-wide monitoring policies with auto-response, auto-resolution and dashboard and email alerts.

Remote Support Desk

Provide instant one-to-one support with built-in audit trail and ticketing.

Detailed IT Reporting

Not only will our reporting show the value of our services, but it provides you a thorough understanding of where your IT time is being spent.

Endpoint management is a way to take your IT support and service to the next level. Remote IT support, asset management, and risk management are all bundled neatly and managed by your Managed IT provider providing you stability, better uptime and move value for your buck.

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