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Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

IaaSBusiness Knowledge Systems creates solutions for you. We define what your immediate and long term IT needs are, we support you not just through the set-up and migration of data, but throughout the launch process. Depending on your needs, we can support your IT department long-term or be your IT department.

You Might Be Ready for an IaaS If:

  • If you haven’t moved to virtual cloud storage or cloud services because your business requires physical resources to run applications for day to day operations.
  • IaaS Solution: You might find an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) system can fill the void with pooled server and networking resources.
  • You are afraid that the redundancy of the virtual servers that you host your web systems on are not strong enough to handle the surges in demand.
  • IaaS Solution: An IaaS can utilize pooled resources of physical servers and on demand sociability to deal with unexpected website demands.
  • The security of virtual servers just does not seem strong enough for some of your enterprise IT needs.

IaaS Solution: An IaaS can support services through public and private clouds hosted virtually while benefiting from the physical security allowed for the servers hosted in the data center.

If it is time for your business to consider upgrading expensive hardware, servers and other equipment to run your office infrastructure, now might be a great time to consider upgrading to a IaaS.

Some Benefits an Infrastructure as a Service Can Provide Are:

Minimize Hardware Investment – saving time and money up front as well as later on in supporting aging systems
Scalability – immediate response to expanding capacity and no need to buy with growth in mind

Pay For What You Need – As you scale up, you pay for what you need

Security – With customizable features to ensure virtual data and physical server data is stored appropriately, you get the security your business requires

Accessibility – With internet connection and security protocol established, your business is now globally accessible

Redundancy – With precautions in place to handle failures at a server or network location, hardware resources and redundancy configurations keep your operation running.

Your data is your business and there are a lot of solutions out there. BKS Systems is proud to be a Green Cloud Technologies authorized partner. With their vast technologies as our backbone, we can provide the best IaaS possible for your company.

If you are ready to find out more or see how we might help you go virtual, give us a call today!

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