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Metronet Fiber Optic Service for Business

Plainfield IT consultant Business Knowledge Systems is a Metronet Authorized Partner. BKS will assist your business with the sales, implementation, and support in becoming a customer of Plainfield’s newest and most robust telecom provider. With Metronet’s fiber to the premise network, your business will have access to blazing fast internet speeds (up to 1 gigabit) for a variety of telecom applications, including:

  • Business Fiber WAN (Wide Area Network)
  • Fiber Voice for Business
  • Fiber PRI Phone Service
  • Fiber Hosted PBX Service
  • Stunning HDTV

Metronet Authorized Partner

Metronet’s fiber optic service allows businesses to operate at the speed of light. With virtually unlimited bandwidth, your business will have a competitive advantage through reliability and the security of a dedicated connection. BKS also provides our Metronet customers with around-the-clock local support. Our team of expert IT professionals work right here in Plainfield, and are your dedicated support team.

What is Fiber Optic?

Fiber optic communication lines use tiny strands of glass to deliver beams of light over long distances. Those beams transmit huge amounts of data directly to homes and businesses on dedicated service lines not shared with neighbors. Fiber optic delivers speeds up to 1GB.  Fiber optics represents a huge leap ahead in terms of capability, and we’re just now scratching the surface of what it can do. In the coming years, Metronet will be using 100% fiber optics to bring businesses innovations and services that have yet to be imagined.

To switch your business to Metronet 100% fiber optic service, contact BKS today, or call 630-357-8385.

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