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Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft’s latest Office 365 is a unique, but user-friendly subscription based program that adds productivity and business office tools, like web conferencing and Exchange Online and cloud based storage to the previous versions of Microsoft Office. With different plans for different businesses, introducing Office 365 to your business will give your business the competitive edge that you didn’t even know was possible.

Microsoft Office 365 Support

Microsoft 365 Robust Options

Office 365 is available for individuals, small businesses, and even larger ones. Implementing Office 365 can be as easy as doing one quick switch or it can be a more intricate process, if you have staff, servers and even more daunting still, if you have a 24/7 business or want to ensure minimal downtime.

As your Managed IT Service Provider, BKS Systems can assist you in choosing the right plan for your business that will fit your needs.

You could choose to migrate to Office 365 yourself, but the more computers and more dependent you are on those computers, the more reason you should bring in a company to do it for you. Benefits of outsourcing your Office 365 migration project to an IT company are quick experienced installation, set-up and enabling of all available Office 365 features including automatic updates, built-in security, and other accessibility features.

When you hire a company to migrate your business from its current Microsoft Exchange Server, SharePoint or Lync, it might be worth looking into having an IT consultant come in and assist you with the migration. By hiring a managed IT consultant, you receive expert advice and experience rather than subjecting your in-house tech guy with his first migration to Office 365.

BKS Systems has transitioned many businesses to Office 365 and can use their expertise and speed to do the same for you with minimal downtime. If you are looking for Office 365 migration in the suburban Chicago area, BKS Systems is your managed IT provider.

Benefits of Office 365

With Office in the cloud, your files are accessible from essentially anywhere — as long as you have Wi-Fi connection. Wherever you go, you can manage all of your applications and files from any device, whether it be a computer, tablet, or smartphone, giving you a more quick and efficient work ethic. Your IT consultant can help you to achieve a better work-life balance by assisting you in making this transition.

Office 365 allows your business to not only save time with accessibility but with configuration as well. The automatic updates and built-in security spare your time that might otherwise be dedicated to managing spam filters and renewing applications.

Connectivity is a must with the technology in businesses today. It is essential to remain in contact with partners and co-workers. Office in the cloud will help you achieve just that. Everyone can be present at meetings with online conferencing regardless of where they are, as well as keep in the loop with the business happenings.

Adopting this program is the smarter IT expenditure for your business, as it caters to both small and mid-sized business with minimal upfront costs and no hassle regarding hardware costs and software upgrades, allowing you to place more focus where it matters.

BKS Systems can assist you in choosing the right plan on Office 365 for your business that meets your requirements of a cost-efficient, user-friendly, and secure program.

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