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Should Business Owners Pay Ransomware?

We’ve all read about ransomware attacks. When it happens to someone else, it’s easy to advise the victim not to pay up. After all, you don’t want to encourage the ransomware business model.  However, there’s a lot of debate about…


The 2019 Cyber Security Report

CISCO recently surveyed more than 3,000 security leaders in 18 countries, asking them how they were implementing cyber security best practices to protect themselves. CISCO’s 2019 CISO Benchmark Report summarizes how companies are preparing for cyber threats, how they are…


The Latest Scams: Smishing and Vishing

Scammers are developing new techniques all the time. In recent years, they’ve added smishing and vishing to the arsenal of tools that they can use to ruin your day. What are these new threats, and how do we protect ourselves…

Chicago Banking IT Company Can Ease Your Transition from Finastra

One of the world’s largest financial services technology companies, Finastra, recently began telling customers of their managed IT services, that they will no longer offer the service and will not renew current contracts. What does this mean exactly? Well, if…


The Latest IT Scams Use Your Passwords Against You

Passwords. They’ve been a keystone of IT security since the dawn of the internet.  We have rules about how many letters, numbers, and special characters we have to use in our passwords. Some websites even make us change our passwords…


Data Breaches That Impact Employees Can Impact Your Business

Video messaging app Dubsmash recently revealed was breached resulting in over 160 million records being exposed including unique email IDs, usernames and passwords.  Information is already being sold on the dark web as part of a 617 million record package…


Should I Cover My computer Webcam?

If you’re like most people, you close your bedroom curtains at night and shut your office door when you need to have a private conversation. So why are you still sitting in front of an uncovered webcam? To be fair,…


Chicago Hospital Data Breach Exposes Patient Information

Chicago hospital Rush University Medical Center recently reported a data breach that exposed sensitive information of about 1,000 patients. According to reports, the hospital sent a mailing to epilepsy patients regarding the retirement of one of the hospital’s staff members….

Full-Service IT Partners with Chicago-Area Community Bank

Company Profile Allied First Bank is a local Chicago-area community bank and nationwide mortgage lender that prides itself on offering its customers a high-tech touch. Founded in 1994, Allied’s 225 employees provide personal and commercial banking, including checking and savings accounts,…

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