The BKS Team is Warm, Friendly, and Always Goes Above and Beyond!

I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere thanks to BKS for taking such good care of us. Our firm's success depends on the use of numerous software programs. BKS is always quick to respond to any issue we have and provides such great customer service. The BKS team is amazing, and our employees are also especially fond of them. Every single BKS team member who has helped us in the past goes above and beyond and is very warm and friendly. Great customer service is very hard to come by these days. It is truly an accomplishment when a business can build relationships and maintain them through continued great service. BKS does this very well. Thank you again for being a key component in our firm's success.


R. Jordan Golden Tax Relief

Super Helpful and Stayed on Top of The Situation!

BKS was Super Helpful and stayed on top of the situation until it was resolved. Very appreciative for the help getting back up and running as quickly as possible.

Eric Robertson BW Industrial Graphics, Inc.

Thanks For the Quick Response and Identifying the Problem in A Timely Fashion!

Thank you, BKS for the quick response and help in identifying the problem in a timely fashion. I was on a chat with Adobe for at least 25 minutes prior to contacting BKS and they couldn't figure it out. Thanks again!

Ron Schwarz Corporate Plumbing

BKS Always Hits It Out of The Park!

I’ve been a customer of BKS for over 3 years now. The young man who has been working with us is an absolute rock star! If all the vendors we worked with had this ability to problem solve, my life would be much simpler and far more efficient. BKS has always hit it out of the park for me has a great team with interpersonal skills and a keen awareness of how to respond to a challenge when it’s clearly the result of someone else’s failure. Please know that BKS has my gratitude for the services you have provided through this talented and effective team.

Rich Daniels The City Lights Orchestra

A Great Team - It's A Joy of Mine to Work With BKS!

What sets BKS apart from others is attitude and response time. The Helpdesk is always so quick to respond and address our equipment and troubleshooting requests! The single biggest benefit since merging two companies, and especially in light of having a team that is 60% fully remote, is having an IT professional managing our network from data management to security and everything in between. I cannot imagine how we could have gone about merging two very separate sets of information into one as seamless as it went without the entire BKS team. Nor do I want to even think about getting our people connected to the resources they need to be productive without BKS. Having worked at a large software firm previously, I can say from experience that our “asks”, however small, are never met with condescension or a bad attitude and they are resolved in a timely manner. From the top down, Chad has put together a great team and it has been a joy of mine to work with them.

Jamie McGowan IRS Trouble Solvers, LLC

BKS Gave us Peace of Mind.

BKS gave us Peace of mind. After having lost a years’ worth of data, it was important to have the safeguards in place to backup and secure our files. BKS Understands our needs and creates a program around those needs. If your data and shared files are important to you then BKS is the company for you.

Fordham Capital Partners Executive Vice President

BKS Team's Quick Response Time and Willingness to Explain, Is What Sets Them Apart from The Rest.

BKS is a very personable company; they are our local IT provider, and they work in a very timely fashion. The team's response time and willingness to explain the issues sets them apart from the rest. The systems they have are easy to use. They are a very accessible company who works fast and helps immediately with our needs once a call is made.

Tasha Marsaglia Executive Director
Plainfield Shorewood Chamber of Commerce

The BKS Team Is Dedicated to Helping Our Business Run as Efficiently as Possible!

The BKS team is dedicated to helping our business run as efficiently as possible and always offers recommendations to solve our challenging tech issues. By assigning a lead tech to our account, our issues are resolved quickly with very little down time. I like having a dedicated person who gets to know our business and our people.

Nancy McCormick Office Manager
Skyking Lift Rental

BKS provides us with the necessary proactive support to help our business grow!

BKS will provide you with the necessary proactive support to help your business grow in a secured IT environment. The proactive way BKS anticipates problems and has a plan in place before something happens. ie – server going down -They will analyze what happened and come up with a solution to prevent it from happening again.

Paul Emmerth Medacta.US

BKS Has Always Been Excellent in Helping Us!

BKS has always been excellent in helping us no matter what the technological problem is - and they get it done quickly. We’ve stayed with BKS for many years for good reasons, we trust them with our livelihood and in a “shop around for the best price society”, that best price is only good if your company’s IT needs are met and any problems are quickly resolved. We feel BKS has our best interests in mind.

Jack Ramm Ramm Associates Inc.