You know you need to protect your company’s data and you do regular backups of your computer, what else do you need? Why does everyone keep talking about disaster recovery?

Data Backup is when you take a copy of your data and put it in another place. Whether you backup to an external hard drive, thumb drive, another computer, or cloud storage, you are copying and making a backup of your data that you can use if something happened with your primary data.

If you only backup your data, consider the following scenarios:

  • Company server becomes corrupt or just dies
  • Your Business office floods or a fire destroys it
  • Lighting strikes and a power surge wipes out all your office computers

Would your backup files be current enough?
Would you be able to reinstall your backup files on a new computer?
Do you have copies of the software and programs you used on your old computer?
Would you lose productivity trying to get yourself setup again?
What if every other co-worker and boss was trying to recover their data too?

IT Disaster Recovery is a full plan to consider all of the above questions. Usually provided by a Managed IT Provider like BKS Systems, a Disaster Recovery Plan starts with data backup but expands to include operational questions to plan for the ‘what if.’

Data recovery includes automatic regular backups of all company computers, a comprehension of which data is the most critical data, a plan for setting up this data in a new location, new computers and with as little downtime as possible.

Business Continuity is your business’ ability to operate even if disaster has struck. In the event that say a financial services office burns to the group. Without a disaster recovery plan, individual employees would be scrambling to find new jobs. With a disaster recovery plan, those employees could pick up where they left off at their home computers until a new office space is secured and work picks up there.

If you think it’s time to discuss your Chicago area business Disaster Recovery Plan, we’d like to discuss your needs.