what will you lose if disaster strikes

Your data is your company’s most valuable asset and it could be at risk.

The apocalyptic nightmare trying to recreate your business after a disaster can be more preventable than the disaster itself. If you want your business to survive a major disaster, let us help you get ready.

And that’s where we come in!

We want to keep your data safe, backed up, and redundant. Knowing what could happen is key to managing for when (or if) it happens.

Types of disasters to plan for when implementing an IT data recovery plan:

  1. On Site Physical Disaster: If your location experiences a flood, hurricane, major electrical outage, or a chemical warfare attack, we can store your data until your business is safe to operate again.
  2. Criminal Disaster: When someone steals your data physically or virtually, when your data is attacked by a worm, virus, trojan or other malware or hack attack, we can isolate the attack and restore backed up data to replace existing hacked data.
  3. Hardware Failure. If your CPU or HDD fail, we can have a cloud based backup or Infrastructure-as-a-Service setup to ensure no downtime.
  4. Human Error: If an accident occurs or sabotage ensues, we can ensure backups are available to replace missing data and keep your company up while you handle the irresponsible employee.

By thinking about the types of disaster that might occur, Business Knowledge Systems can provide foresight and preventative IT disaster planning procedures for your company.

We work with businesses like yours, to manage your IT services and ensure that your data is protected from any type of disaster. We provide on-site support as well as cloud services and all the available hybrid options in between. We partner with the best cloud storage providers, cloud service providers, and IaaS providers for the best data backup and disaster planning procedures.

Whether you are looking to have a good solid data backup plan or you want a cost-effective top-of-the-line data center, BKS Systems can advise and set up the ideal disaster plan for you.

What are you waiting for? Don’t wait for disaster to strike, be prepared. Give us a call today!


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