You may have heard recently about two major flaws in computer chips that could leave a huge number of computers and smartphones vulnerable to security concerns. These flaws are known as Meltdown and Spectre. Please read the following information regarding these issues and how we are handling them.

What is it – All computer chips (CPU’s) in smartphones, computers and servers that have been manufactured in the last 20 years have been found to have major flaws.

What Could Happen - The flaws could allow an attacker to read sensitive data stored in the memory, like passwords, or look at what tabs someone has open on their computer, researchers have found. Daniel Gruss, a researcher from Graz University of Technology who helped identify the flaw, said it may be difficult to execute an attack, but billions of devices are impacted.

What are we doing to fix this issue – We are pushing update patches to our test servers by the end of the day today to determine if the updates themselves cause any issues. We will begin pushing these updates to all of our clients over the weekend.

What can you do to be proactive – Make sure you run regular windows updates every couple weeks. Make sure you are running an antivirus software on your computer, such as Webroot. Free versions of antivirus software may be attractive but often the paid versions will keep your protected far better.

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